INTERROSPECTIVE p.1&2 presents a twin pair of bran new long-form compositions totaling 50 minutes of blistering & blissful sonic meditation and assault. Don't call it a traumedy.

p.1: The Shitty Karma of Swatting Flies was composed, performed, and recorded in 2022. This solo piece features voice, modular synth, and a custom-built electroacoustic instrument called "Marley". Marley can be bowed, spun, struck, plucked, and in this case swatted using fly swatters as mallets. The piece has four main movements and is meant to be performed in one continuous flow with the instruments arranged to be approached from multiple angles. The version presented here was recorded live in-studio on June 27, 2022, with the premiere performance on Friday July 1, 2022 at Mosswood Chapel in Oakland, CA. Marley+synthesizer at Mosswood Chapel on July 1, 2022

p2: Wartime Care and Maintenance for D.Muscipula was composed, performed, and recorded in Fall 2023. Another solo piece this time for voice, modular synth, and cello. Most definitely a companion piece to "Shitty Karma", this is performed live while seated with one bare foot on a ribbon controller affecting various parameters on the synthesizer, and thus affecting the cello and voice. The version presented here was recorded in-studio during October and November 2023 with a premiere performance on October 27, 2023 at Heco's Palace in Oakland, CA. bran(...)pos recording d.muscipula in October 2023

These two compositions represent the first two parts of INTERROSPECTIVE - a series of sonic/performance pieces meant as meditations on festering emotional states we humans are blessed and cursed with. buzzzzz...

The 12.06.23 digital release on is accompanied by a limited edition of 50 cassettes dubbed in real-time onto transparent green tapes with magenta print. Get yours now before they are gone! $10 + $4 shipping. Comes with a sticker. Ships 12/11. Copy Copied Failed Close