Play Play Lioness 18:52

Released July 1, 2013 on Resipiscent Records.

From the label's press release:

Uncovering a secret burrow in the woods exhilarates, snapping the air to life; but to enter that subterranean nest requires reckless, mortal courage. Enticed inside, you rest upon execra that the wild would make of you. From here you peer out as the predator peers from its own mind, heaving as it stalks a drenched forest of impulse, chaos and prey.

Worlds of interiority and transmogrification are native to the Bran(…)Pos, fifteen year veteran of handmade instruments and soft synths. Here he extends his mouth-units for synthesizer in a stereo-gyroscope, sounds a searing cello, and renders loamy timbres beneath a sylvan landscape thundered upon by tympani. All this betrays a fascination with epic 70’s synthwork: Tangerine Dream, Gong, and Yes but also Asmus Tietchens, Xenakis, Subotnick and even Nik Raicevic. Put on your mylar pajamas, and head into the den. Waking dreams await.

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Art and design by Theresa Currie

All sounds + music performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by bran(...)pos 2011-2013.

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