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Chirphuis was released in 2004 and follows in the line of previous bran(…)pos releases like twat/face and 3XX3 that oscillate between light/dark, never quite fixating on a particular style. Tracks like Rhinostometry and Prick the Nose to Light the Face have a more familiar bran noise with furious fast-moving shapes and sound-belches, while tracks like Ocean Fish, Szou Malou, and Trident Fruit Flavor (R.I.P.) are surprisingly more reminiscent of 60s easy listening organ records. Yet despite the seemingly sharp contrast, the entire CD has a flow to it that somehow sends a warm blast through the heart of noise with a golden bullet of melody. credits released July 15, 2004

dragonbutts and flowers by almalu 'triphuis' marking by Planetsize lyrics and vocals on "Harold Faltermeyer" by Tarantism "Ocean Fish" melody by Bug, lyrics by Miya dramaturgy by Decker 2004 Chitah! Chitah! Soundcrack Copy Copied Failed Close