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THREE TIMES THRICE aka THREE TIMES TIMES THREE Recorded in 33 straight days in late 2000, using the World of Many Dans comic book as a recording reference & calendar where a different Dan was scheduled to music each of the 33 days resulting in 33 varying pieces of music, which were then mixed together and/or trashed over the following 3 months and separated into 3 suites to be listened to at 3 varying sun/moon phases of the day and further split and assigned to 3 a(u)rtisitc personalities: the morning suite by the Brain Pause (4am-12pm), the afternoon suite by (Distraction) (12pm-8pm), the evening suite by the Bran (Another plight of medic's...) Pos (8pm-4am). special guest PLANETSIZE on the track ingrown (morning suite). this was originally released in 2002 in small batches as a hand-stamped CDR with inkjet-printed card insert in white jewel case.

Full album download includes a PDF with high-quality renders of all the original artwork.

released January 1, 2002

Morning Suite (1-5) by the Brain Pause (4) Ingrown featuring PLANETSIZE

Afternoon Suite (6-10) by (Distraction)

Evening Suite (11-18) by the Bran (Another plight of medic's...) Pos Copy Copied Failed Close