M.G.=MIKE GUARINO (drums/percussion/noise)

J.R.=JAKE RODRIGUEZ (vox/bass/noise)

J.S.=JEREMY STONE (bass/noise)

Upcoming DATES!!:

none currently scheduled

The Encephelaphone


Recorded 2000 at KZSU Stanford/Released 2001

M.G. drums/noise + J.R. bass/noise

1 track 69 minutes 320 kbps stereo mp3 audio + artwork--158 mb total download


69 minutes of nonstop pummel and starch

Live at Beanbenders 1998


Recorded July 1998 at Benbenders in Berkeley, CA by Suki O'Kane

M.G. drums + J.S. bass + J.R. vox

3 tracks 32 minutes 320 kbps stereo mp3 audio + artwork--73 mb total download


Special Guest "Bloated Cowfish From Lost Acres Milling in Tired Wood Shack" trombone on 'Dexall'

Tape 01/98


Recorded sometime in '97 or '98

M.G. drums + J.S. bass + J.R. vox

1 track 45 minutes 320 kbps stereo mp3 audio + '97 flyer by B.Banks--104 mb total download



More stuff to be uploaded here soon, including Schism Portions material remastered from 1/4" tape, more early trio tapes from 97/98 and Topple/Livestock recordings from 95/96.




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