Update: Monday, October 11, 2004 1:46 AM

chirphuis is here. bran new full-length recording from bran(...)pos with special guests Tarantism and artwork from almalu and Planetsize. click the dragonbutt to find out more details...super-excited about this one!







• Cricket 1.45X is now available for download/purchase as of 10/10/04.


•The Grandpas debut CD ONE is available here as of September 25, 2003! Go look at the grandpas page to read my comments--i don't need to ret(h)ype myself. suffice to say it's a knockout and one of the most overbearing overindulgent hollow and empty pieces of intense beautiful outrageous spazz-out rock music i've ever listened to. and proud to be releasing someone else's music for once!



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